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  • SEP
    28 2015
    COMMUNITY EVENT: Tribal North, Northern Matt & Bridge and Northern Frontier Presentations Rec Centre 10:30 am Lunch to be served
  • DEC
    12 2011
    December 12 : The website now includes confirmed PCD dates and PCD distribution locations. Keep checking for the latest updates. Every location will also show a maP.
  • MAY
    17 2011
    SCFN TRADITIONAL LANDUSE STUDY will be released presenting the results of the TLU interviews completed in the Spring of 2011. Featured report to be added soon. SCFN Members access only.
  • MAR
    03 2011
    SCFN OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL now live. Covers topics such as First Nation Governance, Culture, Traditions and Language. Follow the progress made by the the Assembly of First Nation in Ottawa.
  • FEB
    03 2011
    REDESIGN OF SCFN.CA now live featuring new content, archive images, historical facts and much more. Soon launching SCFN YouTube and Twitter Channels in addition to Facebook.

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"Ka-kí-kiskéyihtétan óma, namoya kinwés maka aciyowés pohko óma óta ka-hayayak wasétam askihk, ékwa ka-kakwéy miskétan kiskéyihtamowin, iyinísiwin, kistéyitowin, mina nánisitotatowin kakiya ayisiniwak, ékosi óma kakiya ka-wahkotowak." "Realize that we as human are on Earth for only a short time and must use this time to gain wisdom, knowledge, respect and understanding for all human beings since we are all relatives."
Cree Elders' Heritage - Words of Wisdom